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An actor, lyrical baritone singer, producer and director, Brian is a native of Tucson Arizona. He has worked with talented creatives at Beowulf Alley Theatre Company, Redondo Music Theatre, Studio Connections, in NYC and Las Vegas. Since 2012, he has been with the repertory cast of The Gaslight Theatre, often playing multiple roles per show. You may have heard his voice or celebrity impressions in radio and television commercials. He lives in Arizona with his wife and dogs.

Growing up, Brian was attracted to comedy, constantly watching re-runs of The Carol Burnett Show. Later on, he discovered the humor of comedy pianist Victor Borge, the rapid-fire mind of Jonathan Winters, the zany antics of Monty Python, comedy songs of Tom Lehrer, the brilliant pairing of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, and improv pioneers Mike Nichols and Elaine May, along with too many others to name. These comedy greats helped him develop an impeccable sense of timing and intuition about what is inherently funny, and how to make an ordinary situation spiral into hilarious moments.



“I really enjoy making people laugh. I’ve been portraying characters on stage for over 15 years, and I enjoy every moment of it! Nothing inspires me more than finding new ways to make audiences laugh, think, and appreciate the time we just spent together. I also enjoy meeting fans after the shows!”

Although comedy comes naturally to him, these skills also help him present incredible dramatic performances. He can “walk the thin line to elicit laughter from the audience in one moment, then pull gasps or tears from them the very next”.

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