Plaster cast of Pavarotti’s left leg


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You know when you have a really good clean out of the house or storage shed and garage, you occasionally find a rare gem. And you think to yourself – “Where’s that been all this time, I forgot all about it! The Joneses were here last week, and we could have discussed this monumental treasure.”

Well, that’s the case with this item. A cast, in plaster, of opera Tenor Luciano Pavarotti’s left leg.

Think of all the possibilities with this plaster casting gracing the front entryway of your stately manor – people will surely say “that’s not your ordinary umbrella stand!”

It has a metal rod in the center, so it could certainly be placed outdoors with an umbrella attachment and used to shade you in the hot summer months – and because it’s plaster, it’ll make you think you’re in Rome, or even Italy!

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1 plaster cast of opera Tenor Luciano Pavarotti’s left leg, made circa 1988.

The cast has slight imperfections (due to the nature of plaster), but they do not detract from the overall impressiveness and conversation-starting abilities.

Authenticated by Schopenhauer’s Antiques and Perogies Mart, Gdansk, Poland.


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