A computer with a microphone and headphones.

Finally! A podcast!

It’s true! To horribly misquote Stephen Sondheim: “Look: I made a podcast where there wasn’t a podcast before!”

So… what’s it all about?

Well, right now – everything! Until you, the audience, tells me what it should be about!

I’m structuring it like a radio show – lots of different things crammed into one convenient package! And – the best part is, if you don’t like that episode’s topic list, you can skip it and wait for the next episode, which will have different topics.

Right now, I’m talking all about science-y things, equipment (camera, computer, audio, etc.) reviews, how-to’s, cooking, home improvement tips, with some interviews along the wand much more!

You can find the podcast on all the podcast channels, PLUS, you can find the VIDEO VERSION (What???? there’s video!?! mmm hmmm.) on my YouTube Channel! Not all the podcast episodes will have video, and I may make video with no podcast (didn’t I just say that same thing only in a different way?) so be sure to subscribe to all the places so you don’t miss out on the fun!